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Mounir Lazzez

Personal Trainers

Mounir Lazzez

“Go hard or go home; but it’s more than that, it’s passion.”

Mounir started practicing Muay Thai when he was 12 years-old, as well as other disciplines such as Kung Fu, Judo and MMA. Better known as “The Sniper”, this coach started practicing Muay Thai as a child as a form of self-defense and to have a healthy lifestyle. He soon started training with professionals and discovered his own talent, and quickly learned that if he put hard work into training he really could be something special. “The talent was there, I just needed the hard work,” says the coach about his journey. “Discipline is the key to success,” he adds. Mounir has won several competitions and titles, one of them being the Desert Force Welterweight Champion.
He is still fighting and looking to grow as an MMA professional fighter. He is a strict coach who tries to bring into his training all that he learns outside while fighting, sharing his experience with his students.

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